Author Submission Guide Lines
We are looking for stories that hold a reader's attention until the very last sentence. Stories that paint characters so well that we can fall in love with that character and not want the book to end, and yet we will race to the end to see what will happen

Rogue Phoenix Press is looking for complete manuscripts. See the Author Submission page for the types of books we are looking to buy. Please feel free to query us about stories in other genres, because the list of what we would like to see is far too long to include here.We will consider both book-length works (at least 50,000 words) and superlative shorter fiction (at least 5,000 words.)

We will consider previously published titles. When you submit, please tell us where it was published before, and be prepared to show us proof that you have regained your electronic rights.

Please have available clean manuscripts. We frown on accidental misspellings, inaccurate word usage, incorrect punctuation, and loose writing. We don't ask for any special formatting, just that what you send is readable with MS Word on our PCs. Incude an email cover letter with a synopsis of your story line and copy and paste the first three chapters of the book in to the body of the email. DO NOT SEND ANY ATTACHMENTS. WE WILL NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS. We will send an email if we want the complete manuscript which then can be sent as an attachment. Make sure your name and email address are on the submission and the title of the work is in the subject line of the email.

Send the email to:

All work submitted to Rogue Phoenix Press must follow our submission guidelines.
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If we accept your book, you will be asked to format it according to our guidelines and send it to the editor within 30 days.
We will let you know when we receive your manuscript. Our goal is to respond to all submissions within 60 days, so if you don't hear from us by the end of two months, please remind us you're still waiting.